When we come to town, it’s not just a show, it’s an Experience!

Cool, Unique Ways to Get Your Name out there with Today’s Hottest Rock Musical!

Rock Reaper Lobby Photo Blast

We set up a photo opp with The Ghost of Rock Future: The Rock Reaper! And ask the patron to tweet or post their pic on Facebook to give them $5 off TShirts! Your Name and Logo can be in the background of every picture! They post to their friends, their friends like it, and so on!

The Ghosts of Rock Video Series

We stay connected with our patrons through our video series. Regular behind the scenes, pics, videos, interview and more of the cast and crew of Ghosts of Rock! We’ll post your name and logo and mention you in the series! Reach thousands.

Ghosts of Rock After-Party

There’s always an after-party after every GOR show! Every patron gets a discount at the after-party and you can be the sponsor. Your name will be in the on the website, in the playbill, and mentioned at the curtain speech.

Ghosts of Rock Trading Cards

GOR Trading cards are like none-other! Hilarious stats and trivia on our Ghosts of Rock and other characters! We spread them all over town and your name and logo will be on them!

Ghosts of Rock Coasters

The coolest coasters in town! We give them to restaurants all over town, and your name and logo will be on them!

The Ghosts of Rock Cast

We’ve got incredibly talented actors and dancers in the show. They are working hard at their passion. Help support them! They will love you for it and, will be sure to mention you in our video blog, and maybe they’ll shoot a little commercial for your business!

Ghosts of Rock Merchandise

The Rock Reaper! TheMan Sucks! Ghosts of Rock T Shirts and other merchandise are the Coolest in Town! Get your name on them!

Oprah Surprise

Remember when Oprah used to hide a secret prize under her audience seats? Do the same for our patrons and they will love you for it!

Blatent Plug

You know how James Bond just blatently wears or uses something that sponsors the show? Like his BMW? We’ll do the same thing for you! We’ll build your item into the show!


You can have it all.

Want to be the Featured and Only sponsor for the show?

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