Press Release: Let’s Rock! Ghosts of Rock Hits Atlanta!


A rock musical that takes its audience on a trip through the roots of Rock, for two nights only on June 27th and 28th at The Rich Theater. This live music and multimedia theatrical event explores the history of Rock and Roll – from the delta blues to early rock-and-roll to southern and classic rock. The ride continues at The Hard Rock Café After-Party. Patrons can party at the with the cast and crew and groove to the live performance of The Bottoms, the show’s excellent band that continues the trip through rock history on the stage of the Hard Rock’s Velvet Underground.

“This is a production I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” the show’s playwright says. “When I hear an artist I like, I’m fascinated to find out how they were influenced, where they got it from. Then, once I find out, I’m just as intrigued to find out who influenced that artist, and so on and so on. Ghosts of Rock really is a product of that passion of mine. Rock and Roll is a blast and that’s what I want the whole experience to be, start to the epic finish.”

Early bird tickets are now on sale now. Tickets for the Ghosts of Rock show only are just $39 and the “After Party” ticket that includes the Hard Rock experience are just $58 at Tickets can also be purchased through the Woodruff Arts Center Box office at 404-733-5000.

Ghosts of Rock is an Epic Rock and Roll Journey: It’s 1980 and Rock is in Trouble! The Rock Gods (Jimi Hendrix, along with Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin) look down and see peril with the coming of the 80’s electric pop scene. Case and Point – the BellBottoms, a Very talented but misguided boy band, controlled by the corporate music machine that shelters them from all things Rock and Roll.
The Rock Gods must intervene before it’s too late. They send in The Ghosts of Rock. The BellBottoms are visited by 3 Ghosts of Rock – Past, Present and Future. They merge with the spirits of blues and rock legends from Muddy Waters to Chuck Berry to Led Zeppelin and ride a fast-track to the rock and roll mileage they desperately need.

The question is, will they be inspired to break away from the corporation… and Rock?

You have to come to the show and find out!

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